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About Me

I am a software developer, writer, and jazz guitarist based in California’s Silicon Valley. I migrated here to the heart of the tech industry in the early nineties, as I had been riding the wave of the Personal Computer revolution while working for companies such as Compaq, LSI, and Phoenix Technologies. I coded everything from motherboard BIOS, to operating system device drivers, to system utilities and user applications.

During that time, I excitedly helped bring a variety of different hardware and software products to market.

A few years later, a similar opportunity to be on the forefront of an emerging technology presented itself with the advent of digital cameras and other consumer electronics products. At SanDisk, I played an important role in ushering in that whole area by developing the embedded software that allowed flash memory storage devices to be seamlessly integrated into some of the very first digital cameras, personal digital assistants, music players, and smart phones.

Whether it was debugging in Japan in the laboratories of Casio and Sharp, or working here alongside Microsoft and other system software vendors, I definitely had a ringside seat for the birth of the post-PC era.


Throughout these years of software development I often had an architectural role which brought with it responsibilities for writing marketing materials such as white papers, case studies, etc. I found that I enjoyed that aspect of things perhaps even more than writing the actual software. Given that affinity, I would soon leverage my writing experience and software knowledge base to become a regular contributor to some of the most widely-read software publications of the day.

This led to further writing which reached beyond tech into more engaging mainstream areas including golf, music, and travel. Samples from this body of work can be found in the Portfolio section of this web site.

While this has been an eventful career, the aforementioned activities were really just a detour, since I actually started out as a music major in college. Today, I’ve come full circle, as I now balance teaching music with frequent jazz guitar performances here in the Bay Area.

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